Conditions of use of the RITA-MI2 project


The RITA-MI2 Extranet is a private website of a collaborative project, only accessible to identified members of RITA-MI2 consortium and the Scientific and Ethics Advisory Boards (called “the Experts”) of RITA-MI2 through individual login and password. “The Experts” are identified members who have signed a confidentiality agreement with the RITA-MI2 consortium in order to advise them during the project. The RITA-MI2 Extranet is an online repository whose purpose is the sharing/storage of confidential documents related to RITA-MI2 project.

Inserm Transfert’s team, as administrator, is responsible for the management of the extranet but all the members of the RITA-MI2 consortium contribute to the content of the extranet and the disclosure of information. Inserm Transfert processes and storeson an “as is” basis the documents and information provided by the consortium. You will access documents and information according to your access rights.

Access Rights

To access the RITA-MI2 Extranet, you will create a user login and a password. Your access will be granted by the administrators according to the access rights you are entitled to by your status: members and/or WP Leaders of RITA-MI2 consortium or Experts.
Each user has the following rights:

  • View
  • Download
  • Upload (except for “the Experts”)
  • Modify some content (except for “the Experts”)

Important notice : Please only upload documents related to RITA-MI2 project and useful to other members (it is not a personal repository).

“The Experts” have a restricted access to the RITA-MI2 Extranet. They are not allowed to view all the documents shared and they cannot upload any document.

Only administrators and/or WP Leaders can create, delete folders and/or delete documents. Deletion of an uploaded document will be done only in the following cases:

  • Update of the document : a recent version of the same document is available
  • On request of the member who has uploaded the document

For security reasons and to keep the confidentiality of the shared documents, your login data (username and password) may not be communicated to anybody else. Please keep these data secret and never share them with any third party.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on “Forgot your password ?”.

If you have any questions regarding your access to the RITA-MI2 Extranet, please contact : Cecile.Gozlan[@]

Ownership of shared documents

All the documents and information available on the RITA-MI2 Extranet are confidential and are strictly restricted to the members of the RITA-MI2 consortium. This information is protected by intellectual property laws agreed in the Grant Agreement.

You are not allowed to communicate or disseminate the documents and/or information accessible on the Extranet without the explicit and written permission of the RITA-MI2 consortium.

Also, note that all dissemination should comply with the rules accepted in the Grant Agreement and the consortium Agreement.

Acceptance of terms

To access the RITA-MI2 Extranet, repository of all miniNo documents, you should consent to these terms to activate your account. By using the RITA-MI2 Extranet, you agree that the posting of new or revised documents, for which your access is granted, shall generate electronic notice to you.

By accessing and using the RITA-MI2 Extranet, you agree to be bound by the Terms and conditions of the RITA-MI2 Extranet as well as the Extranet Privacy Policy, which you acknowledge that you have read and understood.